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My mission is to provide a place of security and creative growth to others through a place of my own creation where I can openly show my own creative growth.
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This site is to inform others about my writing ideas and plans for future books. There is also information found on my friends and myself just, so others are aware that while you may think negatively of me that negative comments mean very little to me when I have the support of my friends.
    Even though I have made the summaries of my stories, I have in no way given anything major away, just keep that in mind. Yes, I do plan to take my writing career to a more professional level. No, I will never take my art that far, no matter how much potential anyone says I have, I am a writer NOT an artist, thank-you. With regards to my writing I will not post any full length chapters only the summaries will be available and the prologues, sorry.
Any questions or suggestions contact me. For contact information view the contact page.
I have also made some of my artwork available.
I know while it isn't very good, but is constantly improving and if you don't like it then don't look at it, simple as that.